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Ho Hodos is a way for individuals, families or groups to discover and grow in their God-given gifts, through creative art. In the process, we learn to yield to the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to sculpt our lives. Who we are begins to take form, and our purpose and function in the kingdom of God is revealed!


In the beginning, each person creates simple, pre-planned projects in all seven categories of Ho Hodos Worship Arts. As you spend time exploring these categories, you have opportunity to identify the areas of art you like most, which highlights your gifts. This in turn can lead to a discovery of your calling--your purpose--in life.


Kids are naturally drawn to the supernatural. If they are allowed, and encouraged, to explore this way, they may discover their gifts and call, even an occupation, at a young age! Providing an opportunity to get a head start on developing skill and gaining an education in their gifted area.


Yet, Ho Hodos is for adults too, we are never too old to discover our purpose for living!


Throughout the practice, there are opportunities to plan events together and work as a team to make plans become a reality. Bible study, meditation on the Word, and some practical healthy living instruction is also included. Christian parents, teachers or small group leaders who are looking for a way to bring both worship, fellowship, and discovery to their group may want to consider Ho Hodos.


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Practice Types


GroupIndividualKids & AdultsGroup Practice Worship art groups are simply a group of people who meet together for Ho Hodos sessions and events. They may be people of all ages and art preferences who come together to grow, worship and develop relationships in Christ. These groups may be based in various places including homes, neighborhoods or churches. Individual Practice The individual practice is for those who want to work on their own and not in a group. This means you are not meeting with others for sessions or events.Children & Adults The Ho Hodos practice is designed for children and adults. There is both a child and adult workbook for each degree which are coordinated so you can work together. The children's practice, in most cases, works best with ages 7-15. A child requires a mentor, a parent or group leader, to guide him or her through the sessions and provide art materials.



Lessons, Meeds, Events


LessonsEventsMeedsWritten Lessons Written lessons are either biblical or practical living type lessons. Scripture meditation is a precursor to the art projects.Events There are three different types of events you are encouraged to hold in Ho Hodos. Outside Events are outreaches to your community. They may be private, more subtle events (like prayer walks) or public. The Yearly Feast is an event held in the fall and a fun time of celebrating God's goodness and provision. It may be as simple or elaborate as you wish. The Yearly Fast in the spring is a time to reign in the appetites, pray, seek the Lord and maybe even detox.Meeds & Beads At each degree you earn meeds--mostly beads--for the various tasks you complete. The beads are worn on wrist, ankle and neck bands depending on which level you are in. All of the material for the bands are included with your workbook so you may assemble your bands yourself, with whatever beads you earn at that degree. You don't have to earn all the beads at each degree, but there is a suggested list of core beads to earn, which will keep you on track if you want to pursue a Servant Knight designation at the Servant level.



















Levels & DegreesServantDiscipleFollowerServant The Servant level is the top level and is ongoing. You earn whichever beads you choose--worship art, events, Bible study or personal breakthrough. All beads earned go on your neckband or whatever creative way you want to wear them. At the Servant level is where you may attain the Servant Knight designation, part of which is earning the core beads described throughout the Follower and Disciple level.Disciple
The Disciple level also has two degrees---Right and Left.  There are twelve sessions as in the Follower level, but for the most part you choose your own art categories and have more flexibility in creating your own art projects. All beads earned go on ankle bands.
Follower Level The Follower level is the beginning level and has two degrees--Follower Right and Follower Left. Each degree has its own workbook with twelve sessions to complete. All seven Ho Hodos categories are introduced and there are suggested art projects for each session. (Art materials are not included). You earn beads for a wristband at each degree.




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